Just "Kicking the Tires" Basic Shop Pricing...

*Prices are subject to change. Please use the following prices as your starting point and once you speak to our Subject Matter Expert, Josh Robinson, the price will be set to your specific needs and firearm. Veterans eligible for shop discount.

Shop Minimum $60

AR-15, 3 Piece, Upper/Lower/Handguard, Single Color $150

AR-15, 3 Piece, Upper/Lower/Handguard, Two Color Distressed $200

Small and Upper Parts Kit, One color, $60

Barrell, $60

BCG, $60

Disassemble and Reassemble any Rifle +$65 

AR-15, 3 Piece, Upper/Lower/Handguard, Multicam $275

add Stock and Magazine +$60

Other Rifles and Shotguns are priced accordingly to the AR-15 prices above. 

Pistol – Slide, $100

add sight removal and disassemble, +$25

Pistol – Frame, $100

disassemble and reassemble, +$40

Complete Pistol, One Color, $150

+disassemble and reassemble $65

Complete Pistol, Two Color, $200

+disassemble and reassemble $65

All specialty artwork, additional color combos, added laser engraving and etching is quoted per customer specifications.  Please contact Squatch Gunworks to receive your personalized quote.  

Dream It, Believe It, Cerakote It. 

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